Delta Airlines Reservations FAQ

1. How do I confirm a Delta Airlines Reservations?

To find out the flight information enters your name and 6 digits code on your tickets on the “My Trips” panel. Click and continue.

2. Why is Delta assigning my seat at the gate?

They will issue a seat requesting boarding pass to clear airport security and your seat will be assigned automatically to you. So you get the seat at the check-in point.

3. How far in advance can I book a Delta flight?

Delta airlines Reservations allow you to book your flight tickets 329 days or 47 weeks in advance. This is approximately 11 months. Airlines offer the best fare only 6 months in advance

4. Can you choose seats on Delta?

Delta charges for preferred seats from $10 to $60 which are defined as a window or an aisle seats towards the front area of the flight.

5. Do I need to confirm my flight with Delta?

For the confirmation, go to on “My Trips” in your Delta airlines account; enter your confirmation, credit card or “Sky Miles” number to get an e. boarding pass in your registered mobile device.

6. How early should I get the airport Delta?

Suggested arrival time is 2 hours before scheduled departure for the USA domestic flights and 3 hours for the international flights from the US. It would be safe for you.

7. Are you guaranteed a seat with Delta’s basic economy?

Delta airlines come with a restriction on seats selection and boarding zone with basic economy fares. They don’t allow passengers for upgrades or free checked bags.

8. What happens if you don’t select a seat on Delta?

If you don’t select a seat at online check-in or on the airport check-in you will be randomly assigned a seat by the system and it will flash on your boarding pass.

9. What is a basic economy on Delta?

It is a value- fare option for passengers who need less flexibility. In this fare, you will enjoy your lowest fare but seats will be assigned after check-in and you will not refund or change your tickets after the cancellation period.

10. How far in advance can I book a Southwest flight?

Southwest Airlines only allows booking in between 3 to 6 months without revealing the new fare schedules for the passengers, while other airlines allow you to book your tickets10 months in advance

11. How do I book multi City flights on Delta?

If you are seeking to book a multi-city flight, Delta Airlines offers a network of over 300 connected destinations. Select multi-city on the search option and follow the simple guideline to book your tickets.

12. Will Delta flight prices drop?

If you find the lowest fare by 12 midnight eastern time on the same day, you purchased a flight ticket from Delta airlines website you can access your itinerary and click on the change flight option. It does not apply tickets purchased over the phone through a travel agent.

13.Can you choose seats on Delta’s main cabin?

By paying an extra fare for the Delta airlines reservations you may travel in the Delta main cabin. Here you will get extraordinary services like entertainment and a complimentary special meal.

14. Does Delta Airlines charge for seat selection?

Delta Airlines charges for the premium seats like booking in the cabin, seat towards the front of the plane and for the window

15. Does Delta overbook their flights.

Yes, Delta can overbook flights. They sell more tickets than available seats for a journey. They do this in anticipation of people “No showing” on the date of their journey.

16. What is the Delta baggage policy?

Delta allows you to carry 2 bags standard up to 10 bags maximum. The maximum dimension of the bag should be 63 inches or 158 centimeters (length, width, and height) and maximum weight would be 23 kilograms or 50 pounds.

17. How can I confirm my flight tickets?

It is easy and convenient to check and validity of your flight ticket status. You can search “Manage booking” on Google or go to the homepage of Delta airlines.

18.Can I make my own foods on Delta flights?

Yes, you can carry your food through security after a proper wrapping up and consume it during the flight. No liquids over 100 ml which includes yogurts, sauces, and liquid foods.

19. What is the best seat on a plane?

The best seat on a plane is window seats, exit row, and the seats close to the front point are known as the best seat in any flight.

20. Does Delta have free flight changes?

When you change a Delta flight outright, it requires you to pay an amount of $200 as well as a difference in flight tickets. Also, keep in mind if you are looking to change the flight on a day of departure you may get the change fee reduced or waived entirely.

21. How do I choose my seat after booking a flight?

To select a good seat in the flight click on the “My trip” section on the top of the website of Delta or a Google Flights. Now you enter your booking number and last name to book your itinerary. From the itinerary page, you may scroll down and click the link “Choose Seats”.

22. What’s the difference between the basic economy and economy?

Basic economy is a value- fare option flight ticket for the passengers who require less flexibility. Here you will enjoy the lowest airfare and seats will be assigned after Chek-in.

23. Can I take a backpack and carry it on Delta?

Delta airlines allow passengers to carry one piece of cabin baggage plus one personnel carry bag like a briefcase or camera bag or a small backpack.

24.What day of the week is the best time to book a flight?

Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday of the week are the cheapest day of the week to book flight tickets in the USA through Google flights. For international journeys, weak days are cheaper than weekends.

25. How early can you book a flight on Delta?

Delta Airlines Reservations allows you to book your flight ticket 330 days in advance. Travellers may secure greater savings by booking their domestic tickets. For international flights try to book tickets for two months in advance.

26. Do flight prices go down the last minute?

No, it is not at all true. Earlier to book your flight tickets the cheaper your seat will be. Delta airlines reservations know that a business traveller pays a premium fare for their flights.

27. What happens if you don’t select a seat on Delta?

You are 99% guaranteed a seat in the flight if you have purchased a ticket already. If you don’t select a seat, Delta airlines staff will do it for you.

28. Does Delta charge for bags on international flights?

In Delta Airlines Reservations they allow every passenger to check one item free of cost on an international flight to Canada, the US, and Europe. The maximum limit of your bag should be 23 kg. A second checked bag would be chargeable according to distance.

29. Can I bring an open bag of chips on a plane?

Yes, Delta airlines allow you to carry an open bag and other varieties of vegetable chips through airport security on your carry bag.

30. Are flights cheaper if bought at midnight?

Yes, you may get an opportunity to get cheaper flight tickets. Buy your ticket on Wednesday night at 1 am just one after Tuesday midnight but that’s midnight in time zone.

31. Can I take my phone charger in my carry on?

According to TSA rules, they do not allow it to carry your phone charger or mobile battery pack in your carry on. You may keep these accessories in your carry luggage bags.

32. How do I make arrangements for special assistance?

You may directly call Delta Airlines customer care executive for wheelchair assistance 48 hours before the departure of your flight. You may call earlier as well.

33. How can I change a flight on delta?

You can make standard flight changes, time, date up to 24hours of your flight departure. We cannot change the basic economy fare after the risk-free cancellation period.

34. How do I redeem a delta gift card?

You may redeem these cards for any Delta marketed flight worldwide from their official website or by calling them on the registered number

35. How long will it take to process my online refund request?

Delta airlines issue for the eligible refund within 8 business days for the domestic card purchases. If you have purchased a ticket with cash or by cheque will be processed within 22 days.

36. Can I change my itinerary online?

Yes, you may change your flight. There are refundable tickets available. According to Delta fare rules, you may have to pay service fees or a difference in fare to the company.

37. Are all taxes included in the price?

Delta airlines ticket includes 7.5% of federal excise tax. A segment fee of up to $4 USD applies per flight segment. They define one takeoff and landing of a flight as the flight segment.

38. How do I make a reservation?

You can get a reservation in Delta airlines by visiting their website on clicking “My trips” or by calling their customer care executive.

39. What are promotional codes and how do I use them?

If you are a frequent traveler, you may get an opportunity to get a promotional code that may be used during your regular journey in domestic and international tours.

40. How do I cancel a reservation?

Please visit the Delta airlines or Google flights Usa website and click on My Trips” and search your booking you need to cancel. Select cancel flight option and follow the guidelines.

41. How do I modify a reservation?

To modify any kind of change, please visit “My Trips” option where you may modify your journey.

42. What happens if I have to change or cancel my reservation?

It depends on what fare categories you have purchased and whether you have purchased refundable tickets. Basic economy tickets may not be refundable.

43. Can you upgrade to delta comfort+ after purchase?

Yes, it can be upgraded to comfort+ after the purchase of these flight tickets.

44. What is Delta airline’ policy on checked baggage?

As per Delta airlines policy on checked baggage, you may carry 2 bags standard and they can extend it up to 10 bags. The maximum dimensions of these bags should be 62 inches and 57 centimetres. Maximum weight 23 kg.

45. Why can’t you refund my payment by card immediately?

The refund from the payment from a card takes at least 7 days of Delta’s initial receipt of the refund request.

46. What special meals does delta offer to passengers?

Delta airlines offer a variety of the meal like vegetarian and non vegetarian, low sodium and low cholesterol meal to the passengers. You can request your special meals on the “My Trips” option.