July 14, 2020

How do I use Google Flights

How do I use Google Flights

If you are thinking of going somewhere in the coming days and are looking for cheap flights for that, then Google Flights is a good option for this. With Google Flights, you can book tickets on the flight according to your destination, date. On Google Flights, you can book flights by going to any place in the world by searching for flights at a cheap price. Let’s know what features are available on Google Flights.

Select month and date

Select month and date

By setting the home airport on your Google Flights page, Google will automatically give information about cheap tickets to many places. You are “Explore destinations.” You can get information about them by clicking on them. This is good for travelers whose schedule is not yet decided. In this, you can change the airport from which you will take the flight. By doing this, you can find deals for different places. Apart from this, you can find a deal according to the next 6 months, a certain month or date. You can also search for weekend trips in any month or 2-week trips in any month.

On the Explore destinations page, you can decide the maximum price you want to pay. This is a great way to find cheap flights.

How to View flight time

With Google Flights, you can find the nearest airport with better deals. In these, you can find many such airports, which are in different cities. You will get information about airports around the world here. With this, you can compare flights. In this, you can easily choose the flight according to the price, travel time, airline, and time of flight and landing. Apart from this, you can see whether the goods are included in the fare from Google Flights.

When you book with Google Flights after linking to your Google account, the information about that trip will be automatically saved in Google Trips. This will make it easier to keep all the information including the ticket in one place. This helps you while traveling to a new place.

How to use google flights to find cheap and best flights

Step 1. Click on www.google.com/flights

After clicking on this link you will see google flights home-page. On google flights home-page you will get the option to search flights as per your schedules.

First select whether you are looking round trip, one way or multi-city flight for your next travel.

Let’s start with the round trip:-

round trip

let’s select a round trip option and then select how many passengers are traveling with you.

  • Select how many adults (age above 12 years plus)
  • Childrens (2-12 years of age)
  • Infants (in Seat) (below 2 years)
  • Select Infants (On lap) (below 2 years)

Next Step to select class:-

You have the option to select your preferred class

  • Economy
  • Premium Economy
  • Business – First Class

Next Step: – Origin and Destination

Select origin (Where form you want to start your travel)

Select Destination (Where you want to go)

Dates: – Select Departure and Arrival Dates.

Click on the Calendar filed. A calendar will be opened. Select your travel start date and your next date to come back. Once you select both dates click on the DONE button and click on Search Button.

After clicking on search you will see the Best flight result. You can short this result with Price, Departure time, Arrival time, and Duration.

How to find a One-way flight on google flights

To find a One-way flight on google flights all the steps are the same as mentioned above. You have to just select trip type one-way then select the number of passengers and then class.

After that origin and destination and travel date. Keep in mind in the first step where we are searching for round trip flights. In the calendar, you select two dates but in one-way case, you will see only a single date selection option because you are traveling only for one side.

After selecting the date click on the search button and then you will see the best one-way flights and the same you can short by the Price, Departure time, Arrival time, and Duration.

How to Find a Multi City Flights Google Flights

Multi city flights google
Multi City Flights Google

When you search for multi-city flights you will see the search panel a little bit different. After selecting the Multi-city flights on Google you will see double search rows.

First, we have selected the Multi-city flights option now the number of passengers, and then class. After selecting the class select first city origin and destination and similarly in the second-row select destination. You can see that first-row destination is automatically selected in second-row origin because your first-row destination is now your origin. If you are planning more cities then click on the ADD FLIGHT Button. You can remove any row by clicking the cross button appear on the right side of the origin and destination field.

Google Flights features

Track prices – How to set an alert on google flights

Below the search panel, you will see a toggle button for track prices. Once you clicked on this button this feature gets activated and you can monitor the lowest price for the flights on the trip you have searched, and receive price alerts and travel tips by email.

Date Grid: –

The data grid is a calendar where you can see the prices date wise. there is two types of price indication one is green, means the price is low for this trip, and in red means, the price is high for this trip. you can future trips price by clicking the next arrow right from the departure level.

Price Graph

In the price graph, you will the price in bar graph format. when you move your mouse on any graph bar it will show.

  • Date range in case of round trip,
  • Price from (Starting price), and
  • Trip days.

Nearby Airports

You can see origin and destination nearby airports by clicking on this option.

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