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January 21, 2020

How does Delta Airlines Flight Reservations make your journey kids friendly?

Delta airlines are one of the most prominent and reliable USA based flight operators. Delta Airlines Flight Reservations are here to help families to enjoy the journey with their kids by taking our flights. Our advice to our customers, if you are travelling with your children or infants, it is important to know the rules, terms and other conditions while travelling internationally

For any query or help of a children’s fare or infants in the arm ticket, you may call Delta airlines Reservations.

These tips may be useful and kid-friendly while travelling with Delta airlines flight reservations.

1. Age of your Kids:

If the age of your child is over two tears on an adult lap, the ticket is mandatory if you are traveling within the USA. If you are traveling outside the USA, ticket required at 10% of the adult fare and fee varies according to country. A child cannot travel alone in the Delta airlines. A passenger must accompany it at least 18 years of age.

If the age of your child is over two years, in their own seat required a valid ticket. Take a ticket if the age of your child is within 2-4 years. Delta Airlines Flight Reservations provide a concession to the kids in their flight tickets if they are traveling with their families.

2. Children and infants, baggage: Delta airlines Reservations try to make traveling with kids and children as easy and relax as possible. So before proceeding to the airport along with your children, find out how much your child’s baggage to carry and know about the complimentary checking.

It is advisable for the passenger to watch the Delta airlines baggage policy details on their official website.

3. Complimentary infant’s items: Stroller, child safety belt are the items not counted by the Delta airlines Reservations as part of the standard baggage carried by their customer, thus you may carry it free. For the convenience of passengers, they may check these items outside the curbside at the gate or at the ticket counter. We may bring child safety seats in certain conditions. You may place your child in an FAA child safety seat during takeoff and landing if you booked a seat for your child or if there is an open passenger seat in your row.

4. Children travelling alone: Deltas committed to providing a safe journey for all especially for the children travelling by themselves. For the safety of children, we have a special unaccompanied minor program. In this program, up to 4-5 children between the age of 5-14 will receive an employee escorts for a comfortable and reliable trip at $150 each way. Besides, this minor between the ages of 15-17 can avail of this program as per guardian request. During this journey Delta airline track, their activity by bar-coded withstand which they provide to the children travelling as an unaccompanied minor. Parents may escort unaccompanied minors to gate through security.

By following these tips you may enjoy a comfortable journey along with your kids and infants.

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